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Women's Paragliding T-Shirts ChiciRicki

Are you ready to take your paragliding game to the next level? Introducing our latest addition to the ChiciRicki  - the Parallel Universe Woman's T-shirt. This tee is not just any ordinary t-shirt, it's a reminder to push your limits and explore new territories in the paragliding world.


The Parallel Universe design features a unique graphic of a paraglider soaring in a world where mountains and landscapes are turned upside down. This print is a representation of the limitless possibilities that paragliding has to offer. Whether it's acro, XC or Hike&Fly, this t-shirt will inspire you to take on new challenges and explore uncharted territories.


Not only is the design of this t-shirt stunning, but it is also made with our most popular model, the ChiciRicki. Made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, this t-shirt is ultra-soft, lightweight, and incredibly comfortable. It has a loose fit with a V-shaped neckline that flatters any figure, making it a perfect addition to your everyday and active fly fits.


The silk-screened print is highly durable and will withstand multiple washings, making it a timeless addition to your wardrobe. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add the Parallel Universe T-shirt to your collection and show off your love for paragliding. Pair it with your favourite ChiciRicki leggings, pants or any other clothing, and get ready to soar in style!

"PARALLEL UNIVERSE" Paragliding T-shirts with V-neckline

  • #astrafit:895334


    • 95% Cotton 5 %Elastan
    • Washing Instructions
    • Machine Wash 30 Water
    • Care Instruction Symbols
    • Do Not Bleach
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