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Touch the sky


Incorporate whimsy pieces, ‘Whimsies’, which are essentially a puzzle piece crafted into a recognisable shape such as a paragliding or bird, plane. Quirky and delightful, they’re a twist to the usual jigsaw and add another challenging dimension to our wooden puzzles.


Illustrated by  paragliding lover Tetiana Mershavka, she draws inspiration from all things flying and paragliding to create her striking designs.

The jagged edge of this shaped jigsaw puzzle will provide an interesting and dynamic difference to the usual puzzling experience, that jigsaw lovers will love.


we do jigsaw puzzles made of wood are unrivaled for their benefits – from the supreme quality of the finished puzzle to the feast for the senses, and of course the unparalleled puzzling experience in between.

Cutting edge laser technology ensures our intricate wooden puzzle pieces fit together perfectly. The laser cutting works with the wood to form the cleanest cut puzzle pieces, free from dust and impurities, and with the most snug, satisfying fit when the puzzles are pieced into place. – something much harder to come across with cardboard puzzles!




When you buy a wooden jigsaw puzzle you’re investing in the passion, care, and craftsmanship that we put into our puzzles.  From choosing the perfect artwork to hand designing the puzzle cut, and from laser cutting the pieces to picking and packing them up to send them safely on our way to you.


So, when you’re looking for a wonderful gift for a paraglididng friend, or childreen , a wooden jigsaw puzzle really is the ideal present for them to love and cherish. Because of their durability, it will be sure to last them long enough to enjoy time after time again!

Because we want you to be proud of purchasing – or gifting-  a "Touch the sky" puzzle, we package our puzzles in a  cotton bag, popped within a Wooden box with drawing, just to add that extra touch.

120 wooden PIECES

As wood for our puzzles comes from trees, we understand as a company that we have a duty to help care for our environment and to leave an as little impact as possible. We therefore only source our wood from sustainably managed forests, as well as ensuring our packaging is made from recycled materials.

Touch the sky

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