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Paragliding T-shirts "FRIENDS"

Introducing our latest masterpiece: the Paragliding T-Shirts by ChiciRicki - FRIENDS. Crafted with utmost care and precision, this tee is not just a piece of clothing; it's a testament to quality, comfort, and artistry.

Made from premium cotton with a touch of elastane (95% cotton, 5% elastane), our t-shirt is designed to withstand the rigors of countless washes, ensuring longevity without compromising on comfort. It's the perfect blend of durability and flexibility, ideal for the active lifestyle of paragliding enthusiasts.


But what truly sets our Paragliding Tee apart is the captivating artwork by renowned artist Tetiana Mershavka. Each design is meticulously crafted, with inspiration drawn from the exhilarating world of paragliding. Take, for instance, our latest creation: "Friends". In this design, paragliders are accompanied by steadfast companions - birds. But these are not just any birds; they are the masters of the skies, guiding paragliders through thermal currents. For every paraglider, encountering a vulture in the air is a stroke of luck, as it signals the presence of a new thermal updraft.


Beyond its stylish appearance, our tee carries a profound message understood only by paragliding enthusiasts. It's a symbol of our passion for the sky and the boundless freedom of flight. Through the intricate design, we celebrate the unique bond between paragliders and the elements, inviting others to glimpse into our world of adventure and discovery.


Elevate your style and share your passion with the world. Choose the Paragliding Tee by ChikiRiki and embrace the spirit of adventure with every wear.

Paragliding T-shirts "FRIENDS"

  • 95% Cotton

    5% Elastan

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