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        In At the end of 2014 The NearBirds Company made a decision to launch a new brand of paragliding clothing for women - ChiciRicki™.

       Company NearBirds has been designing and manufacturing paragliding equipment for almost 15 years. Also NearBirds is well-known as organizer of international competitions, including the World Cup Series. There are majority of male pilots in the world of paragliding, but every flying girl is the adornment of paragliding hangout.

       ChiciRicki™ is a brand that will produce T-shirts, jerseys, speed-tops as well as other clothing and accessories for girls and women who love extreme sports, sky, adventure and always want to stay stylish and awesome.

       We would like to introduce you series of our T-shirts. All shirts been tailored from qualitative materials. Prints for T-shirts were hand- painted by our designer Tatiana Mershavka, who is professional painter and designer. Tatiana develops exterior design for all of our harnesses’ systems, as well as visual identity for paragliding competitions. Also, she has been paragliding pilot for 10 years. Tatiana knows like none else what paragliding girl is really needed.

       All our T-shirts have individually designed packaging. It is important for us that every of our things bring joy to you. Moreover m ale pilots have the opportunity to make original gift to their sweethearts .

      In a short time we will introduce another new series of t-shirts and leggings, speed-tops and accessories.

    We very much hope that wearing our T-shirts you will feel yourself comfortable, convenient and beautiful. We wish you new emotions, experiences and adventures !

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