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ChiciRicki - we create designer clothes for people in love with the sky who cannot imagine their lives without flying. Thanks to our clothes, you show your individuality and demonstrate your passion for the sky, flying and paragliding to the world.


We create each picture, each design unique. We draw each picture by hand, which we then print on the clothes.

We strive to make every ChiciRicki item a favourite
To combine style, fashion and comfort. 

To make our customers stylish and visible among other pilots

To strive for sustainability and environmental friendliness

To take part in encouraging as many girls and women as possible to start flying and progress.


Our Story

Tetiana Mershavka is a creative soul with a passion for paragliding and a love for nature  and its amasing harmony.


She studied at the world-famous Kyiv Academy of Arts and worked as a conservator of a museum to develop her creative skills. Discovering paragliding, its proximity with the elements, the sensations of harmony and freedom, it was clear for her that both passions could be merge in something very unique. 

Tetiana began designing gears for brands in the paragliding industry and gives her access to the specificities of the technology and also to the best material suppliers in the world. 


In 2015, Tetiana decided to turn her dream into a reality and started designing paragliding clothing that was both stylish and functional. She began by creating a collection of clothes for female paragliders, using her artistic skills to hand-draw designs that reflected the passion and love she had for the sport. Tetyana named her brand "ChiciRicki"® - a playful name that captured the spirit of adventure and fun that paragliding represented.  

She was determined to create clothes with Hight Quality Standarts that would allow female pilots to express their individuality and stand out from the crowd. Tetiana spent countless hours designing and perfecting her creations. She experimented with different fabrics and materials to ensure her clothes were durable and comfortable, yet still fashionable. She wanted her clothes to not only look good but also enhance the flying experience for her customers. 

As word of mouth spread, demand for ChiciRicki clothing began to grow. Tetyana expanded her collection to include clothes for male pilots and accessories. However, the focus remained on designing clothes that would empower female pilots and celebrate their love for paragliding.  Today, ChiciRicki is a well-known brand in the paragliding community, loved by pilots all around the world, and has become more than just a brand. 

Always listening to the needs of the pilots, Tetiana continues to design new collections and is always pushing the boundaries to create clothes that are both functional and fashionable. She takes great pride in knowing that her clothes not only look good but also help pilots feel confident and empowered as they take to the skies. 

ChiciRicki became their second skin

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